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The banking system in times of war

The banking system in times of war

Dodano: 2022-04-07

The banking system in Poland is resilient to the turmoil that has arisen due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

According to the announcement of the Financial Stability Committee on macro supervision, this is due to the capital resources and liquidity buffers. The Financial Stability Committee members discussed sources of risk in the Polish financing system and its environment. The Committee’s assessment is that there is currently a new systemic risk – geopolitical risk, which is the result of war. However, although problems associated with it may materialize on many levels, in this respect the banking system remains safe.

According to the FSC, the most important source of risk to system stability is the legal risk of housing foreign currency loans. In fact, the Committee noted that the number of court cases concerning such loans is still growing and a substantial part of them ends with the cancellation of loan agreements.

In its opinion, the FSC pointed out that decisions leading to contract invalidation are not proportional to the impact of the most frequently challenged contractual provisions. This is particularly true of decisions striking at the economic logic of settlements between the parties after such annulment. They distort the functioning of basic market mechanisms. They also generate a significant burden on the banking sector.

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