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Strategic Risk Management for Transformation in Insurance

Strategic Risk Management for Transformation in Insurance

Dodano: 2018-03-06

The marcus evans conference ‘Strategic Risk Management for Transformation in Insurance’ will offer practical examples of how insurers manage and monitor exposure to risk emerging from changes in technology, regulation and business. is a media partner of the event.

Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable participants to:

  • understand the role risk plays in supporting business change and measuring risk appetite for new technology and digitalization in insurance firms
  • optimising capital in insurance firms in light of market volatility and liquidity risk arising from liabilities
  • bolster insurance risk management strategies against sophisticated cyber threats emerging as technology advances, and operational risk from mergers and acquisitions
  • improve functions of existing regulatory projects such as solvency ii to add value to the insurance business

Expert Speakers Panel includes:

  • Gavin Beasley, CRO, Irish Life Health
  • Greg Shepherd, CRO, Markel International
  • Ian-Edward Stafrace, CRO, Atlas Insurance
  • Elizabeth Johnston, Head of Risk, Foresters Life
  • Dominic Rau, Head of Risk Governance and Steering, Swiss Re
  • Andrew Sharpe, Group Enterprise Risk Director, =LV
  • Julia Graham, Deputy CEO and Technical Director, AIRMIC

Special offers for beinsured members using code CM413-BI when registering for this event:

  • 2 day conference: -£200
  • 2 day conference & 1 workshop: -£250
  • 2 day conference & 2 workshops: -£350

If you want to get more information please visit the event website or send an email to

The conference Strategic Risk Management for Transformation in Insurance will be held on 24-25 May 2018 in London, United Kingdom.

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