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PZU implemented mObywatel to authenticate users of mojePZU platform

PZU implemented mObywatel to authenticate users of mojePZU platform

Dodano: 2020-07-30

PZU is the first company in Poland implementing in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Affairs an innovative solution for authenticating the user of the mojePZU (myPZU) platform. As a result, the use of PZU products will become even faster and more convenient.

„Poles are eager to use all the amenities of the digital revolution. Especially recently, innovative solutions that allow to settle matters remotely have passed the exam and are very popular. Therefore, together with the Ministry of Digitization, we are launching a pioneering solution. Thanks to the mObywatel application, you can confirm your identity quickly and without leaving your home and use many services on the mojePZU portal,” says Elzbieta Hauser-Schoneich, a member of the PZU Management Board.

The mObywatel service requires just a few clicks on the smartphone screen. After downloading the mObywatel application and logging in to the system using a trusted profile, customers will get access to mTozsamosci, i.e. the current data that they have in their ID card. It is worth noting that the data stored on the phone – i.e. name, surname, date of birth, PESEL number, photo, validity date of the ID card and information about who issued it, are encrypted and signed with a certificate issued by the Ministry of Digitization. Even if they lose the phone, the data will remain safe, because it is protected by an encrypted record, as well as the phone lock and the password that we choose when activating the application. 

The next step is to confirm your identity in mojePZU. In the mObywatel application, select mTozsamosc and then the „Send to an Institution” option by scanning or copying the QR code generated in mojePZU. In this simple way, customers transfer their data to PZU. And ready! From that moment on, they can quickly and safely use the services available at mojePZU.

„Thanks to mObywatel, our clients also have quick access to their medical records at PZU Zdrowie. They can take e-prescriptions, referrals and receive test results. You can also report a claim via the mojePZU platform, buy e.g. housing and travel policy, make an appointment with a doctor and invest your savings. Customers can also enjoy attractive discounts and discounts as part of the PZU Pomocni Club,” added Konrad Grajeta, the director of the mojePZU project.

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