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Prudential is now Pru

Prudential is now Pru

Dodano: 2022-03-25
Publikator: press release

As of March 23, Prudential will operate under the Pru brand. The change is the result of closer cooperation with the insurer’s owner, the British M&G Group.

The logo and visual identity of the company have been changed. The new website will operate at: In the near future, the new design of the insurer’s branches will also be visible.

A marketing campaign informing about the rebranding will be launched today. One of its elements is an advertising campaign: „Formally Prudential, but for you Pru”, which is to emphasize the timeless values of the brand – trust, proximity and accessibility.

Importantly, the brand change has no impact on the existing contracts, scope of protection or customer support.

Prudential has existed in Poland since the 1920s, while the history of the insurance company began in 1848 in Great Britain. In 1999, the company merged with M&G, which specializes in investments. In 2019, it was decided that it was time to separate it into two separate companies: M&G Prudential plc, operating in the UK and Europe (including Poland), and Prudential plc, focused on Asian markets. To avoid chaos it was decided that European Prudential would operate under the Pru brand. The changes are thus the result of the company’s growth.

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