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Property and life insurance database will be created

Property and life insurance database will be created

Dodano: 2016-05-09

The Ministry of Finance is working on the draft executive regulation regarding a new IT database of property and life insurance. The database would serve as an information exchange between insurance companies. The database shall be executed and served by the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

’The main purpose of this database, voluntary for insurance company,  will be the identification of cases of multiple claims concerning potentially the same insurance event. It is about preventing situations of extorting benefits by reporting the same damage to a number of different insurance companies’ – explains in an interview with Aleksandra Biały, a spokesman for the Insurance Guarantee Fund. Currently, the Ministry of Finance is working on the executive regulation. At the same time the Insurance Guarantee Fund is conducting intensive works on the model, the structure and operation of the database. To develop optimal solutions, the Fund consults with life and property insurance companies and uses its many years of experience in creating and managing a nationwide motor insurance database. 'It is particularly important, both in the supplying and sharing data, and consolidating information from data filing systems with very different stages of development and technological advancement in the insurance companies’ – she adds.

The database shall include information on reported claims, paid compensation, events and resulted damages. In addition, the database will collect data of the insured, the injured party, any authorized persons, as well as witnesses of events, legal guardians and co-owners of the object of insurance.

The aim of the database is to quickly detect the possibility of committing crime insurance. In grounds of the project its authors indicated that the establishment of the database will be used to:

  • verify phenomena, in which shortly after the conclusion of several insurance contracts with different insurance companies, or even a single insurance contract for a considerable sum, a damage occurs;
  • verify whether the indicated the injury might have occurred in other circumstances, time or place than indicated by the injured party;
  • assess whether the indicated damages are not redundant to those that may have occurred in the course of events presented by the injured party.

Before starting up the works on the draft regulation, the Insurance Guarantee Fund together with Ernst & Young organized a series of training courses for insurance companies. The participants – representatives of dozens of property and life insurance companies – were also asked to participate in research.

’The results of these workshops were used to develop a functional database model based on the statutory voluntary character and, as postulated by insurance companies, the principle of reciprocity. This means that each of the insurance companies will be able to use shared data only to the extent that it alone provides them’ – explains Alexandra Biały. 'A pilot project of tools dedicated to serve the new database is announced by the Fund to be launched in the second half of this year. If within a month the Ministry of Finance publishes the relevant executive provisions, we want to carry out a pilot project of tools dedicated to serve this new database in the second half of 2016′ – says the spokesman for the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

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