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Patient, Patient Ombudsman and the law

Patient, Patient Ombudsman and the law

Dodano: 2022-07-07
Publikator: Patient Ombudsman

The Patient Ombudsman (RPP) uses its powers to delineate legal action on behalf of patients. He also joins ongoing civil proceedings.

Bartlomiej Chmielowiec (RPP) emphasizes that – „Before the court, we act on with the rights of the prosecutor. The cases with RPP’s participation that have been completed in recent weeks have brought patients, under court and out-of-court settlements, compensation in the total amount of nearly one million zlotys.”

The above-described activity is undertaken by the RPP at the request of the patient or ex officio. Practice, on the other hand, shows that entities are increasingly deciding to settle disputes amicably. Thus, costly lawsuits are not taking place. Assistance is provided primarily when the aggrieved party is unable to successfully pursue his claims on his own. This also applies when a particular case may prove particularly important in shaping the line of judicial decisions.

Among the cases concluded in this way, it is worth mentioning a case of childbirth and delaying cesarean section. A newborn in serious condition was transported to a specialized center, but unfrottunettly died after a week. The hospital’s insurer did not recognize the claim for compensation for violation of patient rights. Therefore, RPP entered a civil lawsuit with the rights of the prosecutor. As a result of the negotiations undertaken, the child’s parents received a high amount of compensation for the harm and loss they suffered.

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