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Orlen company shares scam

Orlen company shares scam

Dodano: 2022-10-18

On the website of the District Police Headquarters in Gorlice, we read about a new scamming method. This time, a 51-year-old man reported an incident to the police. He was encouraged by an advertisement on Facebook to invest in alleged „shares of the Orlen company”. „Thanks to” this, the fraudsters scammed him out of over half a million zlotys.

According to the man’s explanations, an advertisement for „Orlen company shares” appeared on his Facebook account, which interested him. He therefore created an account in the application, providing his phone number and email address. A few days later, he was contacted by a man claiming to be an employee of an investment company helping to invest money in „Orlen company shares”.

Later, a link with the account number to which the profits from the investment were to be transferred was then sent to the email provided. When the link was clicked, a remote desktop application appeared. The scammer then instructed the victim to log in to his bank account, enter the account number (he had previously provided) and the transfer details, and add them to the list of trusted recipients. In the next steps, the scammer instructed the person to change a few more settings in the banking app, not to log out of the banking system and not to switch off the computer and phone, and to accept the transaction he was informed about by the banking app.

Later in the conversation, in order to occupy the victim’s time and make the banking operations being carried out seem more credible, the fraudster instructed him to check the profit data of the company that invested in „Orlen shares” and the „resolutions of the company” in which he was to invest about the „capitalisation of the company”. The conversation lasted more than three hours and the man realised that something was wrong and logged into his bank account from another computer. It turned out then that all the funds had disappeared from his account and had been transferred, in over a dozen transactions, to the account the scammers had given him earlier. When the man realised that he had been scammed, he called the bank to block his bank accounts and the transactions being carried out.

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