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International cyber security exercise with NATO

International cyber security exercise with NATO

Dodano: 2022-05-05
Publikator: press release

PZU cyber security and IT experts participated in the international cyber security exercise „Locked Shields 2022”, which was organized by NATO. They achived second place in the exercise.

Once again, the PZU team has been invited to participate in the world’s largest coordinated cyber exercises. The invitation for the insurer came from the National Center for Cybersecurity, subordinate to the Ministry of Defence. It should be noted that Locked Shields is the most complex cyber defence exercise in the world. It allows the strengthening of cooperation between the military and civilian areas and to develop communication paths and exchange experiences. In addition, it provides an opportunity for continuous improvement of existing competencies.

It is worth noting that during the competition people responsible for cyber security exercise the defence of civilian and military IT systems. This includes critical infrastructure that is subject to large-scale cyber attacks. In preparing the above, the organizers used the current geopolitical situation to develop realistic scenarios.

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