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Insurance for accountants

Insurance for accountants

Dodano: 2022-05-02

With the coming into force of the Polish Deal the risk of making a mistake in tax settlements has increased.

The consequences of the above, along with penal and fiscal liability may burden accountants and accounting offices even for several years. To prevent this, accountants are looking for safeguards that will protect them from the consequences of oversights. The uncertainty regarding the interpretation of legal provisions very often contributes to the above-mentioned omissions. Therefore, accountants as well as entrepreneurs reach for insurance against penal and fiscal sanctions.

Performing and supervising bookkeeping activities is connected with penal and fiscal risk which natural persons are charged with. We are talking about, for example: accountants, finance directors or entrepreneurs. Insurance in this situation focuses on the reimbursement of fines. It may also contain additional solutions.

Accounting offices, on the other hand, are protected by a compulsory and/or voluntary Third Party Liability insurance for entrepreneurs who keep accounting books. Additionally, the Third Party Liability can be extended to include voluntary risks.

It is worth noting that for a mistake made, often unintentionally, the penalty can reach even PLN 15 thousand.

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