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Global Risk and Insurance Management Survey

Global Risk and Insurance Management Survey

Dodano: 2022-01-18
Publikator: press release

Aon conducted the „Global Risk and Insurance Management Survey” for the seventh time since 2007. It involved 2344 respondents from 60 countries.

This year’s report was structured to examine the top concerns about business risks in the context of different areas and industries. The survey found that the top three risks for Polish businesses identified in the report were: changes in commodity prices/material unavailability, economic slowdown and disruptions in the distribution process or supply chain.

As noted, the Polish list of risks largely overlaps with the global ranking. However, underestimated risks include: cyber attacks/data breaches, ranked #1 globally and #18 in Poland; reputational damage, ranked #5 globally and #14 in Poland; and the risk of a pandemic/health crisis, ranked #7 globally and #11 in Poland.

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