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ERGO Hestia – new products in travel insurance

ERGO Hestia – new products in travel insurance

Dodano: 2022-08-09

Coverage of medical treatment and assistance costs up to three million PLN, reimbursement of the deductible for damage to a rented car up to two thousand PLN, increase in the limit of liability in connection with delay or cancellation of a means of transport up to one thousand PLN. Those are some of the new solutions introduced to ERGO Hestia’s insurance offer. In addition to the conditions mentioned above, the insurer is offering a 15 per cent discount on ERGO Travel policies until the end of September. 

Anna Pawelec, an expert in ERGO Hestia’s Retail Insurance and Partnership Programmes Office, explaining the reasons for expanding the insurer’s offer, said that Poles are now returning to foreign holidays after a long break. She pointed out the new risks associated with such journeys, such as the risk of illness, flight delays and cancellations. Moreover, she mentioned changes in Poles’ preferences in terms of travel methods.

Changes in the terms and conditions of travel insurance include:

  • coverage of medical expenses and medical assistance up to three million PLN – the sum insured covers help during your foreign trip and travel assistance;
  • an increase in the limit of liability to one thousand PLN in the event of delay or cancellation of a means of transport – in such case, the costs of food and accommodation will be covered up to the specified limit if they are not covered by the carrier;
  • cover for chronically ill persons, without the need to buy extended protection in the case of selected chronic diseases – refers to costs related to deterioration of health condition requiring medical assistance and resulting from diagnosed diseases, such as: allergy, diabetes of all types, depression or obesity;
  • reimbursement of the deductible for damage to a rented car up to two thousand PLN under the third party liability insurance;
  • Personal Accident – extension of cover to 24 hours before and after leaving the country and an increase in the benefit value to 200 per cent of the sum insured in the event of the insured’s death; 
  • protection in the event of mandatory quarantine related to exposure to Sars-CoV-2 infection.

The fixed limit of the insurer’s liability for accommodation, meals and return transport to the place of residence is PLN 10,000 for each insured person. Protection also extends to clients who become ill with Covid-19 and are forced to remain in enforced isolation. There is no need to purchase any additional insurance for Covid-19 cover .

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