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CRM system in the cloud, what does it mean for the bank customer?

CRM system in the cloud, what does it mean for the bank customer?

Dodano: 2022-06-30
Publikator: press release

Bank Pocztowy has implemented a CRM solution in the cloud. It is a new trend in electronic banking. What will customers gain thanks to it?

Thanks to the new system, the bank’s consultants can e.g. call back a person who submitted a loan application form within only several minutes from submitting the document. In addition, employees of the banking institution are able to propose individualized offers that are differentiated in many respects, in particular – the type of credit, account or payment card. The recently introduced process of managing potential clients’ data also gives an opportunity to respond to current needs of entities interested in a product. Moreover, it allows to find an optimal product in a situation when the bank’s offer changes.

It’s worth quoting here the words of one of the board members of Bank Pocztowy responsible for the business and IT area. He expressed himself as follows: „CRM allows you to acquire new customers more effectively. It is possible thanks to efficient response to their individual expectations through building tailored offers offered at the right moment. The customer does not waste time analyzing general offers that do not interest him. The CRM system, or rather data in the CRM system, allows you to prepare an offer for the customer that exactly matches his expectations.”

Implementing CRM in the cloud requires the highest security standards. In addition to data encryption, these relate to e.g. a dedicated mechanism for controlling access to data by means of technical support. However, if necessary, the bank is able to migrate the system to its own infrastructure. Licenses allow the system to be used both in the cloud and in the „on-premise” model.

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