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Cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Polish Waterworks

Cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Polish Waterworks

Dodano: 2022-10-04

A new insurance option for water and sewage companies has appeared on the market. A mutual insurance association has been created within TUW PZUW. Its representative is the Chamber of Commerce „Wodociągi Polskie”.

The insured in TUW PZUW are at the same time members of the association. They form mutual insurance associations – groups with a similar business profile and risks related to it. The intention of establishing a mutual insurance association for the water supply and sewage industry is to expand the opportunities for cooperation provided by the Chamber of Commerce „Wodociągi Polskie” to its members and to additionally benefit from it.

The water supply and sewage sector, acting together as a large structure, gains wider opportunities to build attractive insurance programmes than single, especially small, companies in the industry. At the same time, distribution of risk over a large number of entities makes it possible to reduce insurance costs.

Minimising risk is one of TUW PZUW’s priorities. The insurer offers free expert support in the field of engineering risk assessment before concluding and during the term of the insurance contract. Specialists help to assess the risks and needs of the insured.

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