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Rumours of the death of the insurance industry greatly exaggerated

Rumours of the death of the insurance industry greatly exaggerated

Dodano: 2016-05-24

The latest IV Congress of the Polish Insurance Association was certainly an opportunity for many to complain and feel sorry for the fate and situation of the insurance sector in our country. Opinions presented mainly by the authorities left no illusions regarding the assessment of the market situation. Comments mentioning the orchestra playing on the Titanic could be noted, which clearly indicates the forthcoming end of the industry, like the unfortunate transatlantic liner. Well, in my opinion this view cannot be accepted. Undoubtedly the insurance market in Poland is experiencing quite difficult moments now. The bleeding motor insurance sector, confusion about life insurance, mainly related to insurance unit-linked funds,  dependence on a large distribution network, turmoil in the bancassurance market. But the question is whether all these circumstances should be a reason for presenting such a radical diagnoses?

In practice, every crisis ends by working out new solutions and models which are used to build a better future. Of course sometimes the crisis also means the necessity to incur many sacrifices. However, crisis situations, unless they lead to the elimination of the entity covered by the crisis, cause a significant strengthening of such entity. Probably no one has doubts that the insurance market in Poland will survive the current turmoil, and this means that at the end of the day everyone will benefit from this. Anyway, the signs of change are already clearly visible.

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