Innovative platform for comparing insurance coverage

Dodano: 20-12-2022

PZU believes in innovation, and thus it is consistently improving the quality of its processes and services.

The insurer is currently implementing a tool for comparing insurance product ranges, developed by Comadso, a Danish startup. The system will especially benefit sales support teams, which are responsible for developing product knowledge among agents and hotline consultants.

The platform is expected to provide PZU with accurate comparative analysis of insurance products available on the market. In addition, it will enable better monitoring of changes occurring in the offerings of other insurers. Importantly, unlike most comparison sites, the startup does not compare product prices, but focuses on coverage.

Comadso's main business is to compare criteria across insurance products including highlighting the differences that exist between them. As a result, users of the tool have access to an up-to-date database of products, their coverage, as well as ready analysis with comparisons.