An accountant who extorted nearly PLN 150, 000

Dodano: 22-11-2022
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During the pandemic, a 'creative' accountant extorted around PLN 145,000 from the government aid shield. The prosecutor's office has prepared an indictment.

The accountant lodged applications for funding within the financial shield on behalf of a number of people engaged in economic activity. The woman did this without their knowledge or consent. In addition, she forged the signatures of these people on the powers of attorney.

In the documents, she gave her own account number for the transfer of the funding. The woman also submitted unreliable applications, "thanks to which" she extorted, for example, standstill benefits and other forms of government funding: all putting the State Treasury at risk of significant financial losses. 

The above extortion began in July 2020 and continued for more than 12 months. The accountant has been charged with 33 counts of fraud and faces up to eight years' imprisonment.