Adam Łoziak reappointed to vicepresident of UNIQA for the next term of office

Dodano: 14-06-2019

Adam Łoziak was chosen again to be a vicepresident of both insurance companies of UNIQA. He will perform this position for the next three years.

Adam Łoziak graduated in law from the European University Viadrina and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He has been connected with UNIQA since 2003. In 2012 Łoziak was appointed as a vicepresident of the company and took over responsibility for insurance products for developers – UNIQA’s main business sector. Since 2014 he has managed the project of group life insurance sales development. Next, in June 2016 the supervision board of UNIQA entrusted him with supervision over the company’s all sale channels: bancassurance, cooperation with brokers and leasing firms, direct (online and by telephone) and training.