Votum develops in the banking sector

Dodano: 03-03-2020

Listed legal advisor office Votum signed 3,524 banking claims deals in Q4 2019 vs. 486 such deals signed in the prior year, the company said in its Q4 report.

Votum recorded an over 16% increase in the value of its claims portfolio q/q, to over PLN 1.4 bln at end of Q4 2020 from slightly over PLN 1.2 bln at the end of Q3. Votum prepared 2.5k lawsuits in Q4, up by 1k y/y.

The company plans to file 8,000 lawsuits related to CHF mortgage loans in 2020. In January, Votum filed 392 banking claim lawsuits, followed by over 500 lawsuits in February. At the end of 2019, the company ran 3.7k litigations concerning banking claims.