UOKiK imposed penalty for telemarketing

Dodano: 05-11-2019
Publikator: Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
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The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has imposed a fine on the Arstele telemarketing company. Arstele called consumers and invited them to take part in tests as part of a “Health Academy” organised by VGET POLSKA. 

It results from UOKiK’s findings that the telemarketers did not inform consumers about the fact that sales would be taking place during the meeting, nor did they have consent of the consumers to provide marketing information.

According to Article 172 of the Telecommunications Law, a telemarketer who calls with an invitation to a presentation or free tests (for direct marketing purposes) should have their express prior consent to do so. It is not acceptable to ask for such consent at the start of the conversation. The consumer must have agreed to such contact in advance.

The President of the Office found that Arstele had infringed the collective interests of consumers and imposed a penalty of almost PLN 70,000 and ordered Arstele to refrain from these practices.

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