Unpredictability of compensation amounts – insurance sector’s problem

Autor: Przemysław Stopnicki

Dodano: 31-05-2016

According to Dorota M. Fal, an advisor to the Polish Chamber of Insurance, one of the biggest problems of the insurance market right now is the unpredictability in the amount of compensation paid by insurers. She believes that there is a need to create standards in evaluating personal damages, which would allow a reduction in the number of lawsuits and speed up payment of compensations. The harmonization of payments is currently a subject of ongoing work. Such criteria would benefit both insurers and injured parties.

- The biggest problem associated with personal damages is the unpredictability in the level of payments. Compensation is paid directly to injured parties but also to their relatives. At the same time the jurisprudence of common courts as well as the Supreme Court establishes new legal titles of compensation. As a result, due to the unpredictability caused by this situation, injured parties do not know what amount of compensation is appropriate – explains Dorota M. Fal in her interview for Newseria information agency.

Often even in similar cases, the amounts of compensation differ greatly. However, not only amounts of compensation paid by insurers differ – there are differences between those awarded by courts as well. “It would be good if all market participants tried to work out a common solution, which would introduce market standards that would bring predictability in estimating the amounts of compensation. It is necessary not only in cases where compensation is paid directly to the insured, but also when compensation is due for the loss of a loved one and paid to the family” – points Dorota.

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