UNIQA develops its direct channel

Dodano: 20-11-2018

UNIQA develops insurance sale by direct channels. During the last 12 months the insurer has launched application for three insurance products: travel, property and motor (since November). UNIQA wants to make it possible for its clients to purchase MTPL and other motor insurance easily and quickly.  

“Direct channels are becoming important to gain clients’ favour. So far most insurers have treated this channel as a supplement, and have focused on multichannel distribution. However for the last 2 years many insurance companies have invested in applications which are to improve the sale of insurance products by the internet. They expect quicker growth in this area as connected with changing consumer habits. They prefer convenient sales or purchase by the internet”, explained Bartosz Słupski, Sale Department – Alternative Channels Manager in UNIQA.

“We are open to cooperate with agents and affinity partners and offer them links. Thank to this our partners can propose their clients an insurance product purchase by the internet. Applications are the beginning. In the next months we plan to launch subsequent apps for simple insurance products, such as personal accident insurance.