TU Europa will launch new application

Dodano: 10-12-2019

The insurer TU Europa will launch on the Polish insurance market a new mobile application to buy insurance in the model “pay as you use”.

As TU Europa informed, short-term P&C insurance will be sold via the application. So far the name of the device and date of its premiere is unknown.

New products to sell by the mobile application have been prepared by the insurer. It is predicted that the company will launch bicycle insurance which will function only during a trip, among others.   

TU Europa developed insurance sales in the e-commerce channel. The company sells ITravel travel insurance and cancellation costs, protection for mobile phone screens (Screenity) and the first MyHealth policy on the market, offering on-line financial support in the case of a malignant tumor, myocardial infarction or stroke. Read more: The Europa Group offers new products.