TIA Technology acquires emerging InsurTech company goBundl

Dodano: 13-02-2018

Combined with TIA’s core insurance platform, goBundl’s innovative self-service frontend empowers insurers to build a smart, fluid digital customer journey.

TIA CEO Christian Kromann says "goBundl’s platform makes it possible for insurance consumers to go online, fill in a few small information points and be presented with the insurance solutions they need at a price they can afford. By offering this solution as an integration to the TIA core platform, we are empowering our customers to build a robust, strategic self-service platform that can bring their insurance businesses firmly into the future."

Digitalization and mobile devices are compelling consumers to make more of their purchases online, including their insurance policies. As a result, insurance companies everywhere are racing to move more of their sales online and create an engaging customer journey that caters to the precise needs of each individual consumer. This is what goBundl’s self-service platform, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, is designed to do.

TIA exposes the core functionalities of its platform to other parties in the insurance ecosystem, allowing insurers to build an agile, flexible digital ecosystem that meets the strategic needs of their business.

Kromann continues, “The TIA core system lets insurers integrate the technologies of their choice, from best-of-breed data analysis solutions to niche third-party engagement portals. This sets insurers free from high-risk, long-term commitments and lets them evolve their systems as new technologies emerge and market demands change. The incorporation of goBundl technology onto the TIA platform is part of our overall ecosystem strategy, and lets us offer one vendor solution for both core and digital product offerings.”

CEO of goBundl, Jakob Vang Glud adds, “As an InsurTech startup, this has been an amazing journey for us at goBundl. We look forward to incorporating our technology with TIA and seeing how it benefits the insurance industry on a wider scale.”