The Warta Group won an award for the implementation of their analytical platform DataWalk

Dodano: 14-06-2017

On 24 May 2017, during the gala evening of FutureTech Night, which was the crowning event of the first day of FutureTech Congress, prizes were awarded for the best solutions, products and services in the sector of fintech, insurtech and big data. The jury awarded prizes in eight categories.

The Warta Group was a laureate in the ‘Insurtech Implementation’ category. The main success of the company was the implementation of the analytical platform DataWalk – an innovative system developed by PiLab, which is used, inter alia, in the fraud detection process.

DataWalk is a next-generation data analysis platform which helps you find and analyze the hidden relationships between data. DataWalk is a self-service, interactive platform, enabling advanced analyses of large data sets to be performed instantly, without IT assistance, and without SQL expertise. Unlike traditional data analysis systems that require months or years from project initiation to data modeling and results, with DataWalk results are available in weeks.