Telecom Play introduces insurance app

Dodano: 19-12-2017

The Polish mobile operator P4, trading under the brand Play, has launched the mobile app called Play Insurance, enabling customers to sign an insurance contract within a minute. The products are divided into six categories: House and Family, Travel and Sport, Health, Security, Smartphone and Automotive.  Play clients find 31 insurance products (in 73 options).

Prices of insurance products start at PLN 0.99 a month and majority of them does not exceed PLN 10 a month. All insurance products are offered in Standard and Premium option. To begin with, the operator offers the service to individual customers, both pre-paid and post-paid.

In addition, the operator offers a so-called Freemium package under which Play clients can choose one of three insurance covers initially, which they can get free for twelve months. Under the Freemium package, clients can choose: home repairs of electrical appliances in case of defects; legal support; or reimbursement of costs for laboratory tests for Lyme disease after a tick bite. 

The participating insurance companies are: Allianz, BNP Paribas Cardif, Compensa, Gothaer, InterRisk, Nationale-Nederlanden, Oney and Uniqa. The technology partner for the implementation of Play Insurance is the company