PZU will fund medical equipment to fight coronavirus

Dodano: 24-03-2020

After launching free telemedicine assistance for all Poles at the beginning of March, the Polish insurer PZU will finance the purchase of equipment for hospitals to fight coronavirus, allocating for this purpose a budget of PLN 6 million (~EUR 1.34 million).

"An exceptional situation requires exceptional action. As the largest insurer in Poland, we feel special responsibility and concern for the health of all Poles. The equipment we fund will go to hospitals that look after infected coronavirus first. Doctors, nurses and other hospital employees who are dedicated to fighting for the health of the sick, should be given the best equipment possible so that they can provide effective help. We want to support them in rescuing patients," says PZU President Beata Kozłowska-Chyła.

"We are aware of the seriousness of the situation and understand the needs related to it, because the PZU Group is not only insurance, but also one of the largest medical operators in Poland PZU Zdrowie. We would like to thank all healthcare professionals involved in the fight against coronavirus and we hope that the equipment we founded will help them at work," emphasizes PZU Życie CEO Aleksandra Agatowska.

PZU Zdrowie launched free telemedicine assistance for all Poles who are worried about their health due to the threat of an epidemic before detecting the first case of coronavirus in Poland. Read more: PZU launches aid for Poles in connection with the coronavirus threat