PZU completed a pilot project of using AI in handling motor damage

Dodano: 16-04-2019
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The PZU Group announced that progress was sucessful on their PZU GO service, an innovative technology, which will support the insurer's employees and experts in motor claim handling. The time necessary for claim handling will be significantly shortened through the software.

The pilot phase of the project of using artificial intelligence has ended successfully. It consisted in testing and implementing machine learning and automatic image analysis (real-time computer vision) in the process of handling transportation damage. The project is being developed by PZU in cooperation with a European startup.

The cost estimates and photo documentation of over 20,000 vehicle accidents were analyzed during the pilot phase. With the help of this data, AI algorithms implemented by PZU were able not only to analyze photos documenting damage, but also to name a specific part of the car, determine the extent of damage and qualify the need for repair/replacement of a given component. 

The AI needs only 30 seconds to analyze the technical documentation. In addition, the solution will allow insurance customers to select 90% of the documentation, the remaining 10% of documentation requiring additional expertise, will be carried out by PZU employees.