New FinTech Department opened in the KNF Office

Dodano: 06-03-2018
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A new FinTech Department opened in the Office of Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) on 22 February 2018. The new department belongs to the analyses division. Currently KNF is carrying out a recruitment process for the position of department manager.

On 21 June 2017 the KNF Office made a strategic decision to appoint an organizational unit for FinTech matters. The main tasks of this unit include coordination of matters dealt with by the KNF Office with regard to financial innovations, including:

  • preparation or coordination of draft positions for FinTech sector entities,
  • conducting dialogue with market participants of the FinTech sector to exchange views, opinions and doubts as to a particular product or service of the financial innovations sector,
  • developing a sub-page of the KNF website on financial innovations (FinTech),
  • providing substantive support to departments of the KNF Office with regard to the FinTech sector,
  • cooperation with other institutions and bodies of the state administration and foreign supervisory authorities with regard to FinTech,
  • monitoring of changes to legal provisions and other regulations related to the financial innovations sector,
  • performing analyses with regard to FinTech solutions implemented in Poland and abroad.

This unit has now been changed into the FinTech Department.

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