NEUCA received the FSA's consent to the invest in TU Zdrowie

Dodano: 08-10-2021
Publikator: press release

NEUCA received the approval of the Financial Supervision Authority to invest in TU Zdrowie, which is the next step for the insurer in implementing its strategy in the hospital patient area.

On 1 February 2021, the Management Board of NEUCA S.A. entered into a conditional agreement with the existing shareholders of Pomerania Investment S.A. to sell a total of 50.2 percent of Pomerania shares. Necessary conditions for the acquisition were approvals of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

”The approval of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority opens the final stage of the transaction and allows us to finalize work on signing the final investment agreement. The investment in TU Zdrowie will allow us to offer an insurance guarantee of the availability of medical services, and TU Zdrowie will support us in the development of a model of cooperation with a network of medical service providers. Combining the strength and resources of both companies is for the NEUCA Group a chance to reach a wider group of patients and strengthens the offer for B2B and insurance partners” − says Piotr Sucharski, President of the NEUCA S.A. Management Board.

”We are very pleased to officially join the NEUCA Group. While preserving the company's identity, we have gained a strong partner, one of the leaders in the health sector in Poland, with whom we will be able to implement the same values, but faster, better and with much greater impact” − adds Aleksander Roda, President of the Management Board of TU Zdrowie S.A.