MPs complain about lower motor insurance compensation and long claims settlement

Dodano: 17-04-2018

Members of Parliament have prepared an interpellation for the Minister of Finance. They complain that insurers lower motor insurance compensation and lengthen claims settlements.

On 5 April 2018 MPs: Jerzy Gosiewski, Krzysztof Maciejewski and Adam Ołdakowski submitted to the Minister of Finance the interpellation on the limitation of lowering compensation for motor insurance damages (interpellation no 21317). The MPs stated that currently many car owners bring actions against insurance companies because of the low level of motor insurance compensation granted. As the MPs explained, it causes a lengthening of the claims settlement process and increasing costs.

“When I was researching this issue I discovered that insurers use different ways to estimate damage value and pay as little as possible compensation. They disregard the fact that the estimated amount is inadequate to repair a car in a reliable way, consistent with technology”, Adam Ołdawski told

In connection with the current situation the MPs submitted a question about the possibility of legal changes to eliminate this problem and simultaneously the number of actions instituted against insurers in these cases.

The Minister of Finance has 30 days to give an answer to the MPs’ interpellation.