Link4 - Ethical Standard Commissioner

Dodano: 10-04-2018

Link4 has received the title of Ethical Standard Commissioner. The title is granted to firms distinguished by responsibility, reliability and transparency. Link4 is the only insurer on the Polish market with this title.

The title is awarded by the UN Global Compact Network Poland. The program exists to promote responsible practices in business and UN values. The title is obtained by companies which focus on positive relations with employees and observe ethical principles.

This year 22 firms have gained the title of Ethical Standard Commissioner. The award is confirmation that these companies meet the Ethic Standard Program assumptions, prepared by the UN.

“Recently we have asked our employees to indicate values which are important for them in their daily work. We have determined the value together including ethical standards. We are defined as a team by cooperation, supporting, engagement and mutual respect. The Ethical Standard Commissioner title confirms that we are ethical and it fills us with pride.” states Agnieszka Balcerska, HR manager in Link4.