InterRisk, Benefia, Link4 and Generali will offer their motor insurance on PKO BP

Dodano: 06-07-2018

In June, Zbigniew Jagiełło, PKO BP CEO, said that the bank plans to develop itself in the insurance sector. In this purpose the institution finishes its work on its e-commerce platform to compare and sell motor insurance. Read more: PKO BP finishes its work on e-commerce platform to sell motor insurance

Four insurance companies decided to enter into cooperation with the bank: InterRisk, Benefia, Link4 and Generali. Axa is going to join the project after the summer. At the beginning stage the platform will be used only in the bank’s outlets. The start is planned in the middle of July. By the end of the year the platform will be also available on PKO’s internet banking system.

PKO BP intends to offer equal products also in respect of their prices. Insurers will compete by offering additional services and benefits and prices for them.

PKO BP is the biggest bank in Poland. In 2016 its profits amounted to PLN 2.9b. The bank services 9.2m clients. The number of its outlets is 1,238. So far the bank has not offered motor insurance. In Q1 2018 the institution earned PLN 103 mln in the life sector and PLN 117 mln in the P&C sector.