Insurtech Braintri bags Benefia deal

Dodano: 15-01-2019
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hiPRO Connector and Braintri, the insurance subscription platform, have signed an agreement with Benefia, a division of Vienna Insurance Group in Poland. The launch follows the deployment of the platform with Allianz, and builds on the Polish company’s recent partnerships with PKO Bank Polski and mBank.

The platform, developed in collaboration with Polish fintech hiPRO, enables customers to pay for their car insurance in monthly installments – a relatively new option in the industry. Customers provide information such as earnings, employment type, and number of dependents. The Connector randomly selects a participating bank which then reviews the customer’s credit rating in real-time.

The loans are financed by a bank, rather than the insurer – in this instance, Estonia’s Inbank and Poland’s Alior Bank. Braintri CEO Wojciech Zatorski points out that this means insurers are exposed to less risk, and gives banks the ability to sell micro loans.

The platform launch will take place over several Benefia sales channels, including mobile.

“We entered 2019 with the feeling we had achieved most of our goals,” Zatorski says. “Winning over new big brands proves that our efforts in providing the current customers with world-class IT services are noticed and appreciated.”