Insurance agents have problems with winning new clients with GDPR

Dodano: 06-07-2018

Insly, an IT insurance startup, has conducted research to check how insurance agents deal with new rules in consumer data protection.

GDPR was applied on 25 May 2018. Before this date intermediaries had indicated that the new rules would change their way of working. Their predictions were confirmed by Insly’s reaserch. According to its results 79% of agents meet difficulties with running their business because of GDPR.

“The survey’s results show that the area where GDPR caused the most problems is winning new clients. 63% of the research’s participants indicated this answer”, said Piotr Bartos, Country Manager Insly in Poland.

Moreover the survey shows that agents have difficulties with ensuring adequate protection of consumers’ data, new ways of clients’ data management and new clauses including consumer data processing agreements.

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