FutureTech Congress Aims to Spur Innovation in Finance, Insurance, and Big Data

Dodano: 09-05-2017
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A new FinTech event is aiming to spur innovation and development in Poland and the surrounding region. It’s called FutureTech Congress, and will take place this May in Warsaw.

The two-day event will focus on the financial services, insurance, and big data industries, and will bring together leaders from across that spectrum, with a lineup of speakers ranging from Teradata Corporation CTO Stephen Brobst to European Data Protection Board Supervisor Giovanni Butarelli.

Accordingly, its three major themes will focus on each of those sectors. “FinTech Digital Congress” will explore the digital transformation currently revolutionizing financial services. Meanwhile, the “InsurTech Digital Congress” will look at innovation in insurance, with speakers slated to discuss technologies like biometrics, blockchain accounting, and telematics. And the “BIG DATA: Think Big CEE Congress” stream will consider advancement in artificial intelligence and changing European data protection laws, among other pressing matters in the world of data analysis.

The FutureTech Congress will run from May 24th to 25th, with an informal FutureTech Night event in which the inaugural FutureTech Awards will be bestowed to their first recipients.

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