Europ Assistance Polska with a safety vest for its customers

Dodano: 18-11-2021
Publikator: press release

Europ Assistance Polska has introduced a remote cardiac care service to its offer. As part of the initiative, the insurer's customers will be able to use the Comarch CardioVest, a device for long-term recording of electrocardiography.

The insurer offeres its customers a state-of-the-art medical product that enables remote, long-term, and reliable recording of heartbeats. The new service also includes teleconsultation with a doctor.

"Innovation and continuous development of telemedicine solutions are particularly important to us as assistance service providers. We want our services to be of high quality and provide our customers with a real sense of security, regardless of where they are. That is why we have decided to expand our portfolio with Remote Cardiac Care. The Comarch CardioVest device will perfectly fit in this service" - says Marcin Zieliński, Sales Department Director at Europ Assistance Polska.

When purchasing the service, interested clients will receive from the insurer a set consisting of two independent recorders. One is placed on the vest and the second one is used to send the examination record to the telemedical platform. The test record is further analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms (CMAP) and the results are verified by the medical staff of the Remote Care Center at the iMed24 clinic. The customer will then receive a report of the examination and, if necessary, can sign up for a teleconsultation with a doctor.

Europ Assistance recommends its customers buy health insurance to support cardiac care. This offer is addressed to people with a tendency to syncope, after cardiac surgery or for the prevention of atrial fibrillation.

"Textile electrodes used in this solution are a unique solution for patients who need long-term monitoring of heart rhythm. There are no problems with peeling off or chapping of the skin as in classical electrodes used in Holter monitoring. At the same time the quality of the signal and ease of analysis of such monitoring are maintained," says Joanna Dróżdż-Gradzikiewicz, director of the iMed24 Medical Center.