ERGO Hestia supports responsible sales

Dodano: 18-11-2021
Publikator: press release

ERGO Hestia has joined the group of Signatories of the Responsible Selling Declaration. The initiative aims to promote the highest ethical standards in the relations of financial institutions with their customers.

The Responsible Selling Declaration was initiated by financial institutions: ANG Group (formerly ANG Cooperative), Santander Bank Polska, and BNP Paribas Bank Polska. The auditor of the project is KPMG. The host is the Consumer Federation.

”The Responsible Selling Declaration creates a framework for the responsibility of companies in the financial sector towards the recipients of their products. For the consumer, it is a kind of recommendation of companies which, in developing their offer of financial products, are guided primarily by the responsibility for their customers. Moreover, they are aware that the commitment which a client makes to a financial institution is very often long-term and concerns not only the client but also the whole family. Therefore, not everyone can become a signatory of the Declaration of Responsible Sale. In order to join this elite group, the ERGO Hestia Group had to successfully pass an audit where over 100 indicators were verified, including the principles and rules that the insurance company follows in its daily work with customers, but not only. Among other things, the product offer was checked and adjusted to make it accessible to everyone” - said Kamil Pluskwa-Dąbrowski from the Federation of Consumers.

The declaration contains over 100 indicators and touches upon 9 key areas of responsible selling management of financial institutions. It is characterized by simplicity and transparency of financial products, and matching customer needs. Of particular importance in the Declaration are the dialogue with consumers, their education, and the fairness of prices.