AXA will sell insurance products through cooperative banks

Dodano: 28-05-2019

AXA will deliver insurance products through their online platform to clients of cooperative banks. AXA wants to strengthened its position in the bancassurance sector.

AXA is a partner of new the IT solution - CUI.Ubezpieczenia - prepared by Asseco Poland. The projected system is an omnichannel platform for insurance sales and servicing. It is a convenient tool for advisors in bank branches, as well as a solution for clients available through internet banking. Thanks to its integration with the banking system, the platform automates most of the processes, e.g. data exchange, clearing of contributions or installments, etc. CUI.Ubezpieczenia can already be used by the clients of the Cooperative Bank in Lubaczów, the Cooperative Bank in Namysłów and the Cooperative Bank in Płońsk.

“Bancassurance needs a new impetus as it has been shrinking year after year. In 2018, insurance premiums acquired in this channel amounted to PLN 7.6 billion, 25% less than in the previous year. We find the cooperative banking sector promising, as these banks are currently making a kind of technological leap. We want to accompany them in this development process because it also opens up an opportunity for business growth for us. The CUI.Ubezpieczenia platform is innovative and I expect that soon the next players will follow our lead. It is good for the market to develop in this direction because the positive experience of customers, which builds confidence in financial institutions, is now priceless”, said Marcin Wąsikowski, managing director of AXA's bancassurance and affinity sales.