AXA develops its sale process

Dodano: 16-07-2019

AXA has presented its plans of sales development. The insurer wants to carry out a digital revolution. The company is going to launch an omnichannel solution in the process of insurance sales and open an e-commerce platform.

“AXA sells insurance by telephone, our website, banks, insurance agent’s outlet and car dealers. For several years these channels of insurance distribution have functioned according to their own rules. They differ in products. Moreover they were not integrated – they did not change information about a client and his preferences. We decided to change this. We started a test of new omnichannel platform. We had worked on the project for several months together with agents. The innovation assumes establishing one sales system connecting all Insurance distribution channels. Thanks to this the sale process can be initiated in one place eg. on the AXA’s website and finish in an agent’s outlet”, said Marcin Nedwidek, a AXA board member and manager of the private client area. 

The full launch of the new system will take place within several months. AXA expects that the investment in its sale process will improve customer services as well as insurance agents work and as a consequence the insurer’s gross written premiums.

“The main benefit will be an improvement of client services. They will buy insurance products easier and quicker. We facilitate insurance agents tasks due to preparing for them the new sale tool. Our aim is to end the conflict between channels and start to be focused on the client”, added Nedwidek.