AirRun organised by Aviva was held in Cracow

Dodano: 06-11-2018

One thousand runners participated in the competition Air Run organised by Aviva on Saturday, 27th October. The sport event is a part of the lasting Aviva antismog social campaign “Wiem, czym oddycham” (“I know what I breath”).

The run was to highlight the threats connected with polluted air and how to protect from it. So the competition’s participants ran with special antismog masks.

Runners could cover a distance of 5 or 10 km. Moreover, the organisers prepared free medical lung exams for all event’s participants.

On 1 October 2018 the second edition of Aviva’s campaign “Wiem, czym oddycham“ started. Its aim is increasing the awareness of the smog problem and the education level of this issue. The 2nd edition of the campaign concentrates on new actions such as AirRun, as well as the installation of 100 new air sensors.