2017 Global Digital IQ Survey

Dodano: 07-11-2017
Publikator: PwC

PwC has worked with Oxford Economics to survey more than 2,200 senior business and IT executives from 53 countries and more than 30 industry segments. Most organizations have not done enough to keep up with the digital revolution.

Polish companies lead their global peers in some, but not all, measures of Digital IQ. While they are roughly as likely as others around the world to rate the digital skills of their overall organization and top leadership highly, they are more likely to say their CEO is a champion for digital (76%, vs. 57% of others in the region and 68% around the world). And although just 11% have a Chief Digital Officer, those that do not are more likely to say the reason is because digital should be part of every executive’s job description (21%, vs. 6% of others in the region and 12% of all others).

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