KNF Innovation Hub Programme for supporting the development of financial innovation (FinTech)

Publikator: Financial Supervisory Authority
KNF has launched the Innovation Hub Programme under which the supervisory body conducts a dialogue with FinTech companies by providing them with the appropriate explanations on the submitted enquiries.
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Maciej Łopiński – a new member of the PZU SA Supervisory Board

Aneta Fałek tendered her resignation from being a PZU SA Supervisory Board member as of 8 January 2018. The resignation does not specify the reasons for this. The same day, Maciej Łopiński was appointed to be a PZU SA Supervisory Board Member.
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The New PZU - More Than Insurance

On 9 January 2018 the top Polish insurer PZU presented its Updated Strategy and Implementation Plan for 2017-2020. The values of New PZU are focusing on consumer needs and digitalization.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution - new rules have been in force for a year now

Publikator: Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
For a year now instead of waging a court battle an unsatisfied consumer can take advantage of out-of-court proceedings (Alternative Dispute Resolution).
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